With muddy hands and boots and rain-soaked hats we have achieved so much…..but we need your help.

We have been working away with a quiet determination since 2007 to show and inspire at a local level – with muddy hands and boots and rain-soaked hats – how a vibrant woodland culture can give even more than beautiful places, beautiful trees.  It can also contribute towards a healthier planet, happier people.  This work has been a collective effort, so many of you have been part of this journey at some point and in so any ways. 


“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.”  John Holt


New Caledonian Woodlands started really small, with all our tools in the back of a tiny car – HQ was a kitchen table in a one-bedroomed flat in Leith.  Right from the start we were busy, always it seems with so much more to do than we had time to do it in.  Often tired, sometimes too tired – there has been lots of joy along the way, but also there has truly been blood, sweat and tears. 


We hope then you will want to help us so that we can make the next part of our journey happen – a juicing kitchen for our future Fruitful Woods apple juice and chutney production, a wood-burner and solar lighting  for our yurt and a new staff member to help Fruitful Woods and the Fruitful Woods Collective flourish.  This in turn will allow us to be more financially independent and to need less grant funding. Later in October we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign.  No matter how much, your help is what we need to be able to move forward!