Planting trees in Paradise

The best thing we can do to connect with nature and nurture the natural environment is to plant a tree.


Picking the spot.   Clearing back the competing vegetation to give the tree the best possible start.   Sliding the spade into the soil and jumping on it if the soil is tough.   Leaning back on the spade.   Choosing a tree for the site.   Gently placing it into the slit. Wiggling the roots around to give them space.   Holding the tree vertical.   Closing the slit with the toe or the heel of your boot.   Putting on the tree guard.   Moving on to the next one.   Getting into a rhythm across the land.


I’ve had the privilege of planting a few tens of thousands of trees and organising the planting of over a million more.


Working with the community at Camas is one of the most rewarding experiences. Helping to plant a new, native woodland on the Ross of Mull. A wild and rustic haven. Paradise.


We still have a couple of places left for our trip to stunning Mull this weekend. Low-income rate is only £75 for 4 days. This includes travel, all food, tools and equipment and entertainment.


We will be living as part of the community with lovely food.   Time off will include a walk over the hill to Market Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.


Last time we swam and kayaked in the waters around the island and explored the incredible scenery so don’t forget to bring your wetsuit and binoculars!