Introducing…. The Fruitful Woods Collective!

The Fruitful Woods Collective is a pilot project involving 6 individuals who had previously taken part in the Fruitful Woods Project for a year.  The pilot also runs for a year, ending in April 2017, and is designed to enable members to develop the skills that are needed to run a small “artisan” business – whether that involves making things from green wood, or providing services such as garden design and construction.  As well as developing practical skills, such as woodcraft techniques, members can consult New Caledonian Woodlands staff for advice on subjects such as marketing, preparing costings and using different channels for sales.


So far, we have sold our products principally from the regular Fruitful Woods stalls at Balerno and Stockbridge Markets. As you can see from the photograph of a selection of our work, we have started off by making predominantly cutlery and cooking utensils from green wood.  By focusing on a small repertoire of products at first, we have concentrated on developing our carving skills.  Now we feel ready to “branch out” and thought we would take this opportunity to offer to work to commission.  If you would like something smallish-scale made to your specifications, please contact us via the New Caledonian Woodlands Edinburgh office to discuss the possibilities!

Thanks – Eric, Hamish, Maria, Mark, Morag & Rebecca.