Hello, goodbye. Thanks, sorry. Fond memories, sadness. Exciting future adventures….& the programme of events 2017.

Tomorrow is New Caledonian Woodlands’ 10th birthday, so our new programme of events for the first part of 2017 takes us into a new decade. We continue to work hard to deliver a programme that meets social and environmental needs of our time while being affordable, inclusive, healthy and fun.

From 2017, Liz and I will no longer be leading our weekends – Liz is off to work on an environmental project at Cambo House in Fife after 6 years with us (it turns out that all Cambo staff in fact do not in fact sleep in 4-poster beds – a bubble regrettably burst), while I am still here for a little longer thanks to the wonders of modern technology, but have since August been starting a new life in Norway (where I am slowly learning to speak Norwegian, but still get muddled/panicked in the supermarket every time I am asked the incomprehensible ‘do you have a store card’).

So this post is all about looking back over a decade, reflecting on the great bits and also the not so great bits, the positive changes we have made to the world, saying thanks and also saying goodbye. Part of endings though is the tension and excitement of new beginnings, so our January post will be all about that – who is new, what will they do, what projects will we run….will we still have fun. Will the poetry be better? Pah – Probably!

Thanks to all those who have supported our Crowdfunding campaign – we have raised £7,603.75 so far, which is amazing! Please donate if you would like to support us, and also tell others about our campaign.

Finally – Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay.


Programme of events