Did you know?

Did you know…..that we have had such a busy 2017 that we haven’t written a single bit of news on our website all year. So that should mean we have a lot to tell you – and we do!

In November 2016 we found out that we were going to have to move out of our Inverleith site to make way for new development there. This was sad news – Inverleith had been the first proper home for New Caledonian Woodlands during its first decade of operations. A lot of nurture went into making the site vibrant and engaging and we all felt very proud of what had been collectively been achieved. Our 10th anniversary was a more muted affair because of this news, as we grappled with lots of difficult questions – where would we move, would we find anywhere that would meet our needs as well as Inverleith, would we be able to take our raised beds and extensive rhubarb plantings with us?! We are not even going to tell you about the flood, the loss of electricity and heating or having no internet access for a full month.

Luckily fate and coincidence both worked with us (Thomas Hardy would have been proud) and in April 2017 we moved to a braw new site in south Edinburgh at The Inch. Many thanks to City of Edinburgh Council for making this possible and special thanks to Janice and Jim at The Inch for being so welcoming, supportive and kind.
Whereas at Inverleith we had a single room for our staff team of 9 that had to be office, meeting room, kitchen and store room, we now have a fantastic little cottage with a kitchen, store room, office and meeting space…..all in separate rooms! On top of this, we have our own tiny little piece of woodland, a number of different outdoor spaces for our wood-fuel and carving work and a garden area for our raised beds and rhubarb plants (which of course we have brought with us). We have brought everything we could carry, so when you visit, you will recognise a few things.

All the upheaval had an impact on some of our projects, meaning that we were able to deliver less woodland weekends and reskilling workshops – we are sorry that we have been a bit less consistent than is usual for us.

So after a stressful beginning of the year, things have begun to fall into place for New Caledonian Woodlands again. We will be writing with our news more regularly as we get back into a normal cycle again. We are now gearing up for a rejuvinated 2018 and have lots of exciting things to tell you over the coming weeks and months.
Bye for now.

From the team and the board: Andy, Donald, Dawn, Diarmid, Ruth, Sam, Rachael, Megan, Forbes, Charlie, Mary, Polly, Fran, Jacqueline, Liz, Catriona, Andy, & Judy.