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New Caledonian Woodlands will celebrate its 10th birthday in December. It is hard to believe so much time has passed since we made the brave decision to register as an ‘actual organisation’ with Companies House!

The time between then and now has been so many things – exciting, emotional, purposeful, sometimes scary, so often empowering. We have spent so much time with so many of you in Scotland’s great natural environment – often in its sadly fragmented but still marvellous woodlands. Collectively, we have taken back some cultural ownership of these spaces, made them just a little bit more ‘ours’. Ours to enjoy, ours to share, ours to protect and ours to restore.

New Caledonian Woodlands’ work has always sat at a convergence between environmental wellbeing and personal wellbeing. Through our 10 projects, we have achieved a range of things – supported a great number of people from a period of mental ill-health back to employment; been part of the drive to lower Scotland’s carbon emissions. We have delivered innovative projects such as My Carbon Journey, the Community Wood-fuel Project and the Fruitful Woods Collective that are successfully addressing key environmental and social issues of our time. We continue to feel fear, worry and sadness that global carbon emissions are still rising, even though the consequences of climate change are so enormous, so clear, so unequivocal.

Together, we have all made a difference in many thousands of small and not so small ways – the positive effects of our actions rippling out from our work. What we have achieved has been done by taking a deep breath and being brave. Rolling up our sleeves and working hard….trying, learning, sharing, refining – just doing.

It is hard – in fact very hard – to bring in the money that underpins all this work and makes it possible. We have never asked for donations before, but we are asking now. Please visit our crowdfunding page, please pledge a donation, please spread the word and please ask people you know to do the same.


Andy, Donald, Dawn, Liz, Diarmid, Ruth, Sam, Rachael, Megan, Charlie & Andie.