Autumn is here – and so are our new wood-fuel bag sizes…

Deliveries of our wood-fuel have now started as summer draws to a close and autumn begins to show its colours – a rich palette of oranges and browns partnered with cool temperatures and a fading sun.  We have made some changes to allow our deliveries to you to be a bit slicker, so we now offer 1 metre cubed bulk bags for a price of £95 and 0.25 metre cubed bags for £25. 

All of our wood-fuel is hardwood and is felled using hand-tools from woodlands in and around Edinburgh by participants on our Fruitful Woods project.  We don’t ever clear fell – our processes are sustainable and our wood-fuel is a bi-product of woodland management activities that are focused on enhancing the biodiversity and resilience of local woodlands for the benefit of the environment and the local community.  It is cut and split at our green hub site before seasoning until its moisture content falls below 20%.

By purchasing wood-fuel from New Caledonian Woodlands, you are supporting all of our environmental sustainability and mental health work.

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