1m3 Seasoned Firewood


Our Scottish hardwood logs are harvested by hand from woodlands in and around Edinburgh. Due to our iminent site move, we are selling a limited amount of wood for a reduced price of £85 / 1m3 bag. If you live close to our existing site, this is an opportunity to get your wood for 2017/18 with free delivery.

The moisture content of this wood is in the range 20-30%, so ideally it requires another month or two to season prior to use.



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Delivery Information

Please note: If you would like to keep the delivery bags to store your wood in then please select the 'with bags' option. There is a deposit of £4 per bag, £16 for the whole order. If bags are paid for in this way your deposit can be redeemed upon returning the bags to us.

If you are happy for loose logs to be delivered to your driveway, then please select 'no bags', and logs will be delivered in this way to you.